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Healing 9 Neck and Shoulder Massager

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Healing 9 Neck and Shoulder Massager

Healing Massager Massager is a massager arm around a famous enterprise specializing in JOcompany developers and joint venture brands Koinoworld 15 years of accumulated technology and know-how, a long time ago that can be used with confidence in a trusted brand. Healing Headquarters massager massagers you can experience the full product, and more than 200 national medical / welfare equipment massagers are sold in stores healing. The efficiency of distribution and supply the best products. First, consumers are recognizing the marketability of the slogan in terms of a fixed ideation beyond the distribution of direct development, design and price of the brand through local mass production of its own brand of bubble release removed the forefront of distribution to the consumer one step evolution of its more snuggle.


  1. Massage balls shaped like tornado.
    - Completely eliminates uncomfortable feeling from hitting the lower occipital bone when the massager is being reverse rotation.

  2. Specialized massger ball's structure can experience the evidently different feeling between normal/reverse rotation.
    - When normal, it feels like soft massage by using hands.
    - When reverse, it feels like strong pressure by using fingers.

  3. Variable massager head by adjustable up&down straps.
    - Easy control of up&down straps attached to massager's body
    - By adjusting the angle of massager's head, you can move freely from shoulder,neck, to the bottom of occipital bone.

  4. Design of the armrest pocket structure
    - When you don't use the massager, it can be also used as a storage bag of adapter.

  5. Attached rubber straps can adjust automatically the length of armrest.
    - Either who has short arms or long arms can use it comfortable.

  6. Armrest makes free-action when massaging

  7. Normal/Reverse rotation auto-switching program is built in device, and can be turned manually by pressing the button.

  8. Easy-to-use operation switch

  9. Shuts off automatically after 15 minutes for safe operation

  10. Apply thermal cut-off device

  11. A high-quality polyurethane cover

  12. Comfortable using with ergonomic design
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